Who Buys (And Wears) Which Luxury Watches?

And there, nobody. Nothing. No clues. Neither around me nor on the web. No one to answer this simple question: what kind of person wears which watch brand. A man wearing Pal Zileri or Fratelli Rossetti is necessarily very different from another wearing Boss and Cerruti, of course. But what about this distinction in luxury watches?

There is indeed a sociology of buyers of luxury watches: movement and material are then objective and unique choice criteria? My eye, with a chouïa observation, we notice that the buyer of a Breitling watch has neither the same job, nor the same apartment, nor the same children as that of a Tissot … Weary of obtaining Sluggish responses, including people who owned them but were totally unaware of why they had bought them, decided to watch for years. And to lay what you will read, and it is imperative to integrate with buy an expensive watch . Let’s go.

Rolex men

The Submariner

  • Type of buyer: more follower precursor, it must be admitted. Except for vintage pre-80s
  • Motivation: same as Porsche 911, access symbol
  • Professions: all, that’s what’s crazy. From entrepreneur to researcher to salesman (or even cashier), it has become everybody’s watch, and that’s the problem elsewhere.

The Daytona:

  • Type of buyer: ambitious, proud, confident, arrived at a “stage” of his life, wants to mark the coup
  • Motivation: domination, for recent (very ugly for that matter), affirmation of a lifestyle for 70s models
  • Professions: driver, professional sportsman, actor, entrepreneur (and some dad’s sons, like all luxury watches)


  • Buyer type: various (too much?)
  • Motivation: universal evocation of the name
  • Professions: wholesale or retail trade, business executives

Breitling men

  • Type of buyer: speed lovers more than technology (the majority of models sold is in Quartz)
  • Motivation: wants to shine, to assimilate to people to whom he thinks to resemble
  • Professions: tv presenters, sportsmen, players

Tag heuer men (Monaco)

  • Type of buyer: thirties, quadras, first “beautiful” watch
  • Motivation: to look like Steve McQueen
  • Professions: sales, commerce

Hublot men

  • Type of buyer: true and false modest
  • Motivation: going under the radar
  • Professions: David Guetta

Audemars Piguet Men

  • Buyer type: jet set
  • Motivation: having a luxury watch proportional to their annual “income”
  • Professions: finance, entrepreneurs

Omega men

  • Type of buyer: thoughtful (or James Bond fan)
  • Motivation: value for money
  • Professions: engineers (or manager)

Panerai men

  • Type of buyer: the one who will pay as much attention to the bracelet as to the watch
  • Motivation: wanting to be different
  • Professions: fashion, trade

IWC men

  • Type of buyer: intellectuals, travelers
  • Motivation: brand story, discrete image and “coded” for the layman
  • Professions: writers

Men Jaeger-Lecoultre (Reverso)

  • Type of buyer: narcissistic, usually without style
  • Motivation: join a “club” supposed to taste good
  • Professions: President, CEO, CEO

Patek Philippe men

Nautilus and derivatives


  • Type of buyer: armored
  • Motivation: to be recognized only by those who are as much as he (or more); but above all, to buy blue blood (the interested ones, but also the enlightened amateurs of luxury watches, will understand)
  • Occupations: annuitants

The Breguet men

  • Buyer type: flirty
  • Motivation: to become a dandy
  • Professions: chosen according to the female population

All this is obviously highly subjective and only binds me. So bring all the corrections you want in the comments box below, tell us who you think buys what luxury watches. this distribution and there is surely a certain sociology in the choice of watches and we can identify with a brand and a model. It would also be interesting to establish the following lists:

  • List of watches by social class
  • List of watches according to the cost of acquisition / pleasure (this notion of price / pleasure is essential for a watch). A list of production cost and price in store would also be a good tool to understand the effect pub in our choices)

I find commercials remarkable because they allow to create an affinity with a brand, we are attracted by values ​​that we “resemble” or to which we want to identify. Advertisers manage to make us believe that a submariner (for example) is a dive! how many go to the water with their Sub and use it as such. Aside from the coffee boys who are diving! I was the owner of a sea-dweller that I sold when I saw that many Parisian coffee boys had a sub. I am also under influence.