Wallet Portfolios For Cryptocurrencies

These wallet portfolios are very interesting because they offer many options while being versatile. Here are the ones we prefer:

  • Jaxx is a portfolio that will allow you to receive, send and receive your cryptocurrency in a simple way while enjoying many options. For example, you can choose whether you want to download the blockchain, enjoy an attractive and simplified blockchain, and many other options. You can also use it on your computer as well as on your mobile phone, so that you can enjoy your cryptocurrency in all places where you are.
  • The Coinomi wallet works the same way as Jaxx because it will allow you to receive and send your different cryptocurrencies. However, it is a wallet that focuses on security since your private key will be encrypted and stored on your computer. It also has a fluid and intuitive interface that will allow you to enjoy easy navigation.

Simple wallets

These are portfolios that will only allow you to store one cryptocurrency. But they are very complete since you can for example download the entire blockchain (Bitcoin Private Trezor Electrum). These are usually the official portfolios of crypto-currencies, which ensures you have a simple wallet. To find the dedicated wallet of the cryptocurrency you want to use, simply download it from the official site of the crypto-currency in question. However, if you want to use many different cryptocurrencies, this type of portfolio is not recommended because it will require you to install many software.

What you must remember here?

  • Before choosing your cryptocurrency portfolio, you need to determine the type of wallet you want to use.
  • You can choose between a platform portfolio, a simple wallet or a multi-wallet wallet.

The different types of wallet online

Before getting an online wallet, you need to define what kind of wallet you want. There are indeed several kinds. Here are their main features

  • You will find classic online wallets that will only allow you to receive, send and store your cryptocurrency. This online software will not allow you to buy or sell cryptocurrency. However, they have another big advantage because they are much more secure, especially because you can generate your own private keys. They are also a little complex to use, so they will not suit people who are new to cryptocurrency. Among the many classic online wallets available, we recommend using Electrum, which remains the simplest and lightest of all.
  • You will also find more versatile platforms such as Coinbase, BitBay or Binance that will allow you to do many more things. You can not only use the wallet available on the platform, but you can also perform cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Private Trezor Electrum) transactions. They are however less secure. That’s why we advise you to do everything possible to optimize the security of your account, including choosing a complex password and opting for a second security.