The Truth About Threats, Vulnerabilities And Network Security Solutions

“If you think your organization will not be hacked, then you will be hacked! The best education you can get is to crack their business once, you will find that the previously unusable budget will be available, and there will be Time. EC Committee Chairman Jay Bevis

The truth is simple. We are denying it. We use the term “we will handle this when this happens”. Is it enough? I tell you no! Cybercriminals look for information systems that steal your information, defraud, destroy, degrade and deny access. These network intruders are dangerous, and manipulation is causing economic losses, operating in front of your eyes, and now there is no credibility you know!

If someone told you last year, hackers could steal up to 45 million in 2 days would you say impossible? Nothing is impossible, completely taking surprise and anger when on December 12, 2012 and February 19, 2013, hackers and thieves collectively stole $45 million, stealing everyone from an international research team of 5000 ATMs. Eight suspects suspected to be involved in the crime of May 9th How is this “hacker”? Involving masks? Weapon Answer Nopiracy plans the top of his fingers and some keyboards this is the warning shot, he needs our company’s technology Becoming so advanced, these cybercriminals are more likely to perform such behavior, and cybersecurity (cyber security courses) training providers should enter their bank!

IT security is essential! The EC Council is the world’s leading provider of cybersecurity education services focused on threats that violate cybersecurity (cyber security courses). The chairman said: “A country solves the problem of responding to cyber attacks to create military cyber threats, and the concept of war cyber commando becomes a clear interface system for the government.” The ethical hacker of the certification must be in the process of establishing what kind of world the EU Council CEH sets. Looking forward to the ethical hacking curriculum security standards, becoming the world’s organization and higher demand, it provides information security, network security, computer security, authentication and Internet security training. Therefore, the solution is to perform PREPARE and ADVANCE in training for IT security. Think like a pirate education! Isn’t this the CEO of all banks and organizations getting employees to receive HEC training? This will definitely become mandatory!

Cyber ​​threats are an important factor in highlighting banks and continuing to grow and become more complex in Australia. In March of this year, the Reserve Bank of Australia confirmed that its computer system has penetrated sensitive internal information in a series of cyber attacks, including China’s hacking several times to develop malware or malware in November 2011, a hacker The La Reserve Bank computer is being accessed to employees via email fraud, but details only appeared this year. A criminal group can get 500,000 credit cards and has spent $30 million on 30,000 credit cards in Hong Kong, Europe, Australia and the United States. Australian banks face new and ongoing security threats, plus destructive hacking! Why don’t we understand the current events and scandals of the media? What is the Australian government doing? Push him under the carpet It seems that nothing happened? People’s identity, data files and money are not important here? I think that protection and customer service in the bank is a top priority. Another effective point that CEOS should have is life safety training that must be done here!

How many of you have credit and debit cards with contactless chips, so when the card reader makes the card, the payment is made without a PIN? Is it as simple as going to a local food factory store to buy a loaf of bread and a pint of milk? Do you think fraud? dry? Card readers for mobile phones under construction can be adapted to access data from these cards! Everyone can have your data! Through the forensic Thomas Cannon to achieve the rebuilding test: “I have contacted the mobile phone player with a wallet phone, I can get the card details, including the long card number, expiration date and name, these are not encrypted, just TV The details of the problem arise. “This is done with Barclays Bank, which has one of the largest 13 million users currently in use. Although other banks and systems are accessible. I’m sure that network intruders are planning their next intrusion with Android apps that are growing every day!

Let’s face it We live in the 21st century, technology continues to improve, and large technology companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, The New York Times, NBC and its affiliate sites have all been victims of cyberspace. “. This year’s hacking and scandals! Banking and finance are among the main areas where cybercriminals always attack. because? money? Did you know that at least $1.5 billion was stolen through 15 online financial institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, E* TRADE, PayPal, TIAA-CREF and TD Ameritrade, for a period of nearly two years. According to the Los Angeles Times authorities, the author of the program is a group of hackers and identity thieves led by two Ukrainian citizens. This shows the power of banking and piracy.

The resolution is very simple, we can never detect hackers, can’t point to random people on the street The answer is that we can let our bank have the highest quality computer security entry system. Most executive directors use the excuse that “we cannot afford to let employees participate in these trainings”. Although the reality is when they pirate you, you will do it! How can you afford your loss? So where is your budget? Answer that?

Think professionally and intelligently. Education is the key to success. The facts and purposes of my article are professional computer security before it is too late! EASY.