Profitable Cryptocurrencies

What have been the most profitable criptodivisas of 2017? Which currencies have achieved better yields? The following list includes the ones that have accumulated the most benefit since their appearance as ICO (it does not include other currencies launched in another way). Alternatively you can use Bitcoin Cash ABC Wallet.

Nxt . Accumulate a return of + 2496805% since its launch.

Iota . Accumulate a return of + 837592% since its launch.

Spectercoin . Accumulate a return of + 543129% since its launch.

Neo . Accumulate a return of + 517510% since its launch.

Ethereum . Accumulate a return of + 429500% since its launch.

Stratis . Accumulate a return of + 296076% since its launch.

Ark . Accumulate a return of + 79538% since its launch.

Lisk . Accumulate a return of + 37392% since its launch.

Storj . Accumulate a return of + 21285% since its launch.

Qtum . Accumulate a return of + 19069% since its launch.

You can access the full list in this Icostats link . Within the platform it is also possible to list the ICOs for the most profitable currencies in the last month and even buy it with the profitability of Bitcoin.

If you are looking for the most profitable virtual currencies in 2017, this is the list

Ripple . The big star of 2017 with a profitability of 36000%. No cryptographic currency gained more.

Nem . Only surpassed by Ripple in terms of growth and very little. He added 29842% last year.

Stellar . Another one that lived a great 2017 with a performance of 14441% in 2017.

Dash . It closed the year with a 9265% return.

Ethereum . The best known and clearest alternative to Bitcoin gained a not inconsiderable 9162% in 2017.

Cryptocurrencies with future

As the stock market saying goes, past returns do not ensure future returns. The evolution of a virtual currency is a good indicator of its potential, but that does not mean that it is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 . The price of virtual currencies in January, with falls of more than 50% since the beginning of the year is a good example. Is this an indication that you have to flee the sector in a hurry? Not much less, only that the price was too inflated. Alternatively you can use Bitcoin Cash ABC Wallet.

What cryptocurrencies will ring the bell in 2018? This is a list of digital currencies with a better future considering their potential and evolution so far.


Whether we want it or not, bitcoin is still the main cryptocurrency, which sets the behavior pattern for the other virtual currencies.

There will be coins that are revalued more, especially the ICO, but if there is one with a future, this is the bitcoin. In this article we explain how to buy bitcoin . To know everything about this currency visit our article: Invest in Bitcoin .


Ehtereum is the great alternative to Bitcoin and the second virtual currency in terms of capitalization. Far from the leader yet and discarded the possibility that it exceeds it as digital money, its strength lies in the development of applications and how it uses intelligent contracts in development environments.

Ethereum and Ether were already one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies of 2017. An alternative to direct investment in Ethereum is to buy cryptocurrencies based on their technology such as Aragon or Stox .


We are facing the fourth virtual currency in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash . It is a currency that has grown less than the rest in the last quarter of last year and that has great potential.

Ripple is no novice, since it has 5 years of life. It is technology-based and allows up to 1,000 transactions per second, much faster than Bitcoin. In addition, its technology can be used as a protocol.