Muay Thai Kickboxing Into Your MMA Training.

If you take your MMA fighting (Boxing Certification) game seriously, you should start to integrate Muay Thai Taekwondo into your mixed martial arts training program. Muay Thai is undoubtedly the most powerful strike system, and its technology can be easily integrated into mixed martial arts training. However, many techniques must be avoided or modified as they can push the opponent to the ground.

  • There is a small problem with combat technology, which must be carried out by strike or by setting up the necessary footwork and the footwork required to establish an attack. A safe and powerful shot on the right or vertical right side should also include drilling holes in your jab.
  • When hitting the ball, the upper hooks and hooks are excellent for the fighter and must be pierced with a set of feet to avoid angular disassembly.
  • Elbows can have a devastating blow in mixed martial arts training, both in battle and on the battlefield. From all angles, stand and train on the ground with elbows. Integrate your elbows into your mixed martial arts training, kick the rivets from the “sticks”, break the body to the body, and hit you with elbows.
  • I recommend that you keep the attack and do not directly hit your head, as falling to the body may make you open.
  • However, looking at the body’s hook from one angle is always a very useful energy attack, exhausting the opponent.
  • In addition, practice all strokes to touch the ground. Practice the power in the brush stroke from the support, the lateral control of the switch base, the knees, the protector and even the back controls.
  • Muay Thai may be best known for his “round kicks and knees, which give a very powerful and destructive blow to all parts of the opponent’s body.
  • When integrating Muay Thai Taekwondo into your mixed martial arts training program, I recommend that you keep your legs in line. Always use your hand to kick your kick from the attack settings, or use your opponent’s strike as a counterattack, and always train with a quick footwork, with a strike strategy, you can return to the initial position. It is difficult for the opponent to grasp it for reverse configuration quickly and thus to the initial position. Throwing up or down without proper settings will cause you to fully open for flipping.
  • The knee may be the most devastating blow to Muay Thai and should be developed to contact the surface and the ground. Practice squatting close combat, pay attention to the tactics to prevent the legs from grabbing, making it easy to fall over.
  • I also recommend that you learn the correct Muay Thai fixed tactics because they can adapt to mixed martial arts with minor changes. This can be used as a solid foundation when training a strong blow or a melee counterattack.
  • Train your attack, Muay Thai to “play and run” in your footwork and fast and efficient input is also being processed to close and dismantle, so that once you run your sin, stay away from danger. Overthrow or have the ability to lead the demolition ready.

In this article, I highlight the recommendations for integrating Muay Thai Taekwondo (Boxing Certification) into your mixed Martial Arts training program. However, you must train and try a real combat pressure, all the techniques and tactics, because this is the development of the MMA fighting game, and the ever-changing for a long time, this is what makes it really exciting.