How To Create Stunning Youtube Thumbnails

Keep in mind that your thumbnail (thumbnail generator & downloader) will be adapted for mobile phones, tablets, televisions and PC, if you put small sizes on mobile phones it will not look good.

  • Using different sources can be a good idea as long as they have consistency. In the same way, using different sizes, colors or strokes and effects can also help a lot.
  • Placing text or part of the text slightly tilted also works very well to attract attention.

Finally in this section a reflection. When you go down the street or watch TV, you see hundreds of advertisements and billboards. Analyzing them could be a good exercise. Which call more attention, as are their letters, where they are placed. You can learn a lot if you have your eyes wide open, professional publicists know very well what they are doing and those posters can be an inspiration for you.

The background of your thumbnail (thumbnail generator & downloader)

It can make the difference between your video and those of others.

The background should not remove protagonism neither to the text nor to the main images of the video. There has to be a coherence. The background of your video is like the tablecloth of a table. First the food, then the cutlery and finally the tablecloth. That does not mean you do not have to take care of it, a tablecloth with spots, dirty or broken will not bring you anything good.

Backgrounds for gamers. It is obvious that it has to be part of the game but very important, it is original. Do not search Google to make a screenshot of a part of the game, which you think is more appropriate and edit it as a background. If you put a fund taken from Google you will have thousands of videos with it and you will be one more. Be original.

Backgrounds for vlogs. Now it is very fashionable and I love it because I think it is a great success blurry or unfocused backgrounds. For that you are going to need a reflex camera although it is assumed that if you do vlogs you already have a good camera.

For tutorials I recommend white backgrounds or light colors to highlight the text and the message. And I repeat again, be original, do not copy … create.

Branding or watermark

Do you have a logo? A personal brand? Use it

When we talk about branding we always think of logos, brand images, icons that represent our channel. That image has to be placed preferably in the lower right corner and with a visible size.

Did you know that in the videos you have an automatic option to put branding?

The SEO in thumbnails of Youtube

SEO will give you visualizations if you work it correctly.

Here we have again our friend the SEO. Did you think you were going to get rid? No. Remember that you have the SEO The Lesson on Youtube . available. This factor few youtubers take into account and what does that mean? It means that if you use it correctly you will have an extra arrow to beat your competitors.

Name the thumbnail with the name of the video and / or the keyword.

They do not serve saved images like:



You have to do it like this:


Like you do not see it important but for Youtube it is and it will also be easier for you to organize and search it among your folders.

Always save your images in JPEG

I do not know if you knew it but when you save an image in JPEG format you will be able to assign tags, name, authors and many more data that youtube will use to know what your video is about and position it. This youtube loves.

Tags – keywords and related to the video

Title – the video

Authors ⇒ your Youtube channel