Fortnite: A Spectacular Ice Storm Covered The Entire Snow Map.

The King of Ice has transformed the map of Fortnite Island: it is now completely covered with powder. Winter has now reached every corner of Fortnite Island. While the snow was hitherto confined to part of the map of the game, a new event called Ice Storm caused a spectacular white hurricane that changed the map on January 19, 2019. By now, the entire island is covered in white powder – to the deserted Paradise Palms district. As usual, the Epic Games studio has seen things big. The island has not changed by itself: a spectacular staging has been skilfully orchestrated, as can be seen in the video of Ninja, Fortnite (fortnite cheats) most famous streamer.Learn more

The king Of Ice Transformed The Map

The icy sphere that had dominated Polar Peak for a few weeks exploded, giving way to a small invincible character in the form of the Ice King, who floats in the air. Beside him, a huge hologram rose in the heavens – probably so that all players, anywhere in the map, can see it – and set off the huge snowstorm. On Reddit, a user has released the movie version of this impressive animation. Epic Games has the habit of regularly modifying the map of its island, to continue to surprise its tens of millions of monthly players. In a year, Fortnite has become a gigantic phenomenon with a simple concept: 100 players compete on an island solo, two or in groups of four. It should be noted that with the exception of this winter aesthetic change, the game has not been changed in depth, except for the addition of “Ice Friends”, which are monsters that resemble those of the Halloween event, Fortnite Nightmares.

Netflix believes it is currently being beaten by Fortnite’s success.

HBO had to take a quick look at Netflix’s investor rating on January 17, 2019, following the release of the fourth quarter of 2018, which reads, “We’re no longer competing.” with Fortnite (and we are currently losing against them) only with HBO ” For Netflix, the phenomenon of Epic Games, which has generated billions of dollars in the last twelve months, would be a greater rival than its direct competitors. Two lessons can be drawn: one, Netflix assumes its king status in its market; two, he does not take Fortnite lightly.

139 Million Vs 200 Million

Netflix (139 million subscribers, against Bloomberg’s 142 million for HBO) and Fortnite (200 million) are not quite the same audience. But still, they share a segment of the population, especially young people. And when they play Fortnite (free, remember), they do not have time to watch a show or movie on Netflix. In turn: the money they spend to buy outfits in their favorite game can no longer be invested in a monthly subscription. As a bonus, Fortnite (fortnite cheats) is available on devices compatible with Netflix (PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android), which increases cannibalization. This is probably why Netflix tries to make its service more interactive – with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – and always more provided with original content for various ages (the Sex Education series, for example). “We do not focus on Disney +, Amazon and others, but on how we can improve the experience of our subscribers,” says the giant.

One can also consider the fact that the players of Fortnite, who are young, still live with their parents and thus benefit from their account Netflix. Today, the popularity of Fortnite, and the addiction that goes with it for some, contaminates other spheres. In addition to Netflix who is now its main rival, an NBA coach has recently blown the title of Epic Games was a tougher opponent than one of the best teams in his championship. Fortnite is more than ever the cultural product to be defeated in 2019.