Finding A Blog Writer

If you understand the qualities you should look for in your blog, it’s easy to find a good contributor for your business blog. There are several important aspects to consider.

Does the blogger have enough writing style?

The most experienced bloggers can adjust their style and tone according to their needs, but not all. An example of asking your potential blogger to prepare a blog post is perfectly acceptable. If you do this, please specify the tone and style you like so that the author does not have to guess. Most blogs use friendly and personal style, but if your business blog is related to a medical or legal profession, you may prefer a more formal tone. If your blog is written for teen viewers, then you need a blog editor who can talk to them in their own terms!

Do bloggers know about your product or service?

You may be lucky enough to find a blogger who knows your business or industry. Blog authors come from different backgrounds. You will find writers with experience from livestock to legal practice (writerslikeme). While it may be useful if the blogger has experience with your business, don’t over-emphasize this: Many bloggers are well-educated and have a variety of life experiences. If they don’t know much about your business, they are usually prepared to investigate and learn. This will make it easier for them to write on their blogs on a regular basis.

Are bloggers willing to make changes?

Experienced writers are accustomed to reviewing their work and are often happy to make reasonable changes to their publications. Inexperienced writers are sometimes offended when asked to make changes, interpreting them as criticism of their writing. They must get rid of this. Your business knowledge will exceed their knowledge and you may want to edit some of their publications. Editors can post items that contain statements or ideas that you don’t want at all in your blog, and you should be happy to make changes when you request them. When asking your blog editor to edit an article, keep in mind that no one else will choose exactly which word you choose. Allow your author to use your own language, provided you write professionally and read well. Requiring frequent minor changes can irritate experienced writers. If you regularly monitor blog posts and often ask authors to replace one word with another, you may have time to write your own publication, and you should consider doing this!

Will your blog author publish the work regularly?

If you don’t have time to do your own publication and don’t have enough time to monitor your blog, reliability can be important. It is almost impossible to know if a person is reliable before starting to work for you. However, please be aware of the speed at which your potential bloggers send the samples you requested and answer all your questions.

Does the writer have SEO writing experience?

Experienced bloggers usually know how to search for and select good keywords for his blog. If you don’t know SEO, this will be the most important skill in the blog. If you personally know a writer, you may want to write a professional blog yourself. However, if you don’t understand SEO writing, your blog may not be able to attract the right visitors to your site.

There are two ways to work with bloggers. You can ask them to prepare a publication in a Word document and send it to you so that you can make changes and publish the article yourself. You can also allow editors to directly access your company’s blog so that you can download the article as soon as you write it.