Extermination Of Fleas

The extinction of fleas has recently become a major event, as many people now have pets at home, and fleas grow and grow in the warm, moist body hair of the dog’s body or dog. A cat, for example. When you let your pet run outside, you can be sure that there are fleas in your house and it is not easy to get rid of them. Alternatively you can use best flea bomb to get rid of them.

However, it should be remembered that only about 10% of fleas in your pet are found. The remaining 90% of flea eggs, larvae and pupa and some adult fleas will live in carpets, beds and living spaces.

We will briefly discuss some ways to get rid of fleas.

Flea control

You should be able to control your pet from time to time to see if they carry fleas. The usual hiding place is behind your pet’s ear. Fleas usually have a four-step lifecycle, and solving all of these problems is critical. Many people mistakenly believe that the better the use of chemicals and the treatment of flea extinction, but this is not the case. You can also use best flea bomb to protect areas of bed affected by your pet.

A flea bath or shampoo is usually a good start for an animal with a large number of fleas visible on the body. However, this is only a temporary measure, fleas can come back in a few days, so they are not designed for long-lasting chip control.

Flea quenching is a more effective way to help fleas control pets, as well as aphids and mites on animal bodies. Diving lasts for about 1 to 2 weeks and is effective for adult fleas. Topical treatments are similar, but usually last about a month because they prevent larvae from being born from flea eggs.

The flea collar is a collar placed around the neck of the pet, producing only toxic and toxic gases for the flea. When vacuuming your home, you can also put your collar in a vacuum bag to kill more fleas. Again, these are also effective for adult fleas.

Pets can also take oral medications against fleas to prevent larvae from escaping from flea eggs. There are also injections specifically for cats. These treatments don’t really kill adult fleas, but when combined with other treatments, they can help stop the life cycle of fleas.

Flea pump / flea sprayer

A flea pump or a flea nebulizer is a more effective way to solve the problem and will kill the larval stages of the flea and flea life cycle. You will need to remove your pet, store all the food and dishes, and leave the house for about two hours. After that you will have to clean all the surfaces of the food.

You will kill most fleas, but not all, but this is one of the most effective methods. Keep in mind, however, that the flea pump may leave a slight residue and odor at home, so open the window for a while.

Professional treatment and elimination of fleas

Many people prefer to call professionals to solve their flea problems because they usually have the knowledge and equipment to solve the problem. Typically, they will complete their work within a few hours and be able to reach and check for areas that may be lost.

Before you call a professional flea insect killer, you must vacuum and clean the carpet. When finished, you can extend the borax on the carpet, which will help dry the fleas. You can also spray borax in the front and back gardens, especially around the entry point where your pet can enter the house. It is also important to ensure that your pet’s trash is washed in hot water. After completing professional treatment, you should not vacuum or clean the floor within a few days.

Flea invasion rate

In a recent study, it was found that in addition to February and March, flea infection in dogs is a long-term problem. Unsurprisingly, the infection rate was highest in summer and autumn, and lowest in winter. There are many ways to solve the problem of flea extinction, some of which have been highlighted. However, if you think you are fleaing with your pet and later fighting a defeat at home, then it is best to find a professional who works for you.