Driveway Pavement

Rock Carpet is also used as a road surface for the driveway. This sounds like a “contradictory”, but it is not the case. It is the top layer of the road of various shapes, sizes and sizes. Rock carpets don’t look like the usual entrances because they have anti-slip and anti-stain properties that reduce tire slip and “burn”. It resists friction, scratches and cracks, thus avoiding any damage caused by continuous tire traffic or gravel loss during travel. It is made of a resinous epoxy polymer that is water resistant and will not be damaged by water or stains. It also has special brightness and is unusual on the road.

Rock carpets are a huge blow to homeowners with modern designs. When driving on a large hood nearby, you will often find the passage of the black or concrete roof look fresh and clean. When you pass the conscious design owner’s property, you will see a stone carpet. Its functionality and versatility are unmatched on any other pavement and/or pavement as it can be customized to its color, design, depth and overall look. It is called “small rock carpet”, “round rock carpet” or “quarry carpet”.

It can be mounted on any road, regardless of its shape and angle. Rock mats are more expensive than regular concrete, but due to their durability and low maintenance requirements, it is worth the advance. Ordinary concrete and black roofs need to be cleaned, resurfaced or cracked, and rock pads are not needed

Its unlimited choices and new features for the public make it a hot topic for residential and commercial owners. Its name comes from its composition, consisting of thousands of small rocks and stones, mainly from North America/South America and New Zealand. Passing through the revolutionary rock carpet in the driveway (commercial resin driveway) will definitely attract people’s attention and is a better choice for consumers.

Creating a perfect outdoor space can be a daunting and expensive task. The problem is the end result, even if it looks beautiful, it is not always suitable for children. Decorative stones, paving materials and sturdy materials are not very soft to touch, and if you have small, you may have some bandages.

That said, there are a variety of options that look great, but provide a safer gaming environment for kids and just kids. Let’s take a closer look.

Think about all the slips and falls that have occurred in your driveway, maybe not just with the kids! The surface can be wet, frozen and can simply slide. It is also not a smooth surface. This is why the adhesive resin pavement currently has this effect in the living environment. Previously, only resin surfaces were seen in selected areas, such as modern play areas or indoor swimming pools. This process is now everywhere.

The resin coating has the appearance of real pavement, concrete, stone and gravel, but in reality it is the resin surface. A non-slip surface is available for children and adults. It is also softer to touch, so if a fall occurs, the same painful outcome will not occur.

There are other advantages to walking along the attached resin inlet, for example they require little maintenance, no re-laying, and long service life (usually 15 years), you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about weeds. Surface, pet, easy to clean, UV-resistant, environmentally friendly.

The lawn is another area of ​​concern for parents. If your child is allergic to the open air or the environment, the lawn can cause discomfort rather than fun. This and the fact that you as the owner of the house are responsible for all maintenance, weeding, watering and size.