Cheap SEO Services

Cheap SEO Services- Predictable Costs

Costs and successes are very predictable for many measures in online marketing . But search engine optimization is like an uncontrollable black hole for many companies. We show how transparency gets into the matter.

All clarity eliminated?

Sure, we all want to be found on Google. Or we are looking for possibilities for further improvements. The most common question that managers or founders ask is the cost. Is there a cheap affordable SEO agency? And if something comes out of it: how much? And when? Each of these questions is justified.

Ask the right questions

In contrast to all other measures, search engine optimization has an essential component that creates uncertainty: the risk of failure and the temporal component. A structured look at things makes for a realistic assessment. These questions play a role:

  1. How big is the expected success?
  2. What are the expected costs?
  3. How high is the risk?

The question about the chances of success

In order to be able to calculate the possible success, we need data that allows a statement about the accessibility of affordable SEO agency goals. This is done with the help of a potential analysis. Data such as visibility is usually not very helpful. A simple example shows how this can be done in practice. Let’s assume that we sell paramecium and set the following conditions:

  • Monthly search volume (SV): 5,400 search queries
  • Purchase price (EC) / Retail price (UK): 50 Euro / 90 Euro
  • Number of sold paramecia per purchase on average (quantity): 10 pieces
  • Click-through rate at middle position on page 1: 3% (estimate, rounded)
  • Conversion Rate (CR): 8%

SV x CTR x CR x quantity x sales volume = sales potential per month = 11,664 euros SV x CTR x CR x quantity x (sales price) = potential Contribution margin 1 per month = 5,184 euros

Is the potential analysis really that easy?

What is initially straightforward is often not so easy on a larger scale. Often time-consuming preparatory work is necessary, but it is worthwhile. They also provide the foundation for many other tasks: making reporting, budgeting, action planning, and other things more transparent.

In addition, the competitive situation also plays a role. Therefore, a value for the level of difficulty of the keyword can be included in the previously mentioned formula. Since it is very unlikely that all keywords on the first page land on Google in the context of an overall analysis, a reasonable risk discount is necessary, which can be very high.

What are the expected costs?

Estimating the cost can be difficult. The challenge is not when calculating monthly costs. Rather, the question of when to expect results and whether this will happen at all, prepares much more headaches. In short: the risk and the duration must be included in the considerations.

The thing about the risk

Even if there is never 100 percent security: The risk of failure with Cheap SEO Services can be influenced. The following overview shows three cases along which costs and risk can be roughly estimated. Please take into account that there can always be exceptions. The information is based on averages, which are to be examined in individual cases.

The overview quickly shows that the state of affairs is important. For previous effort estimates, a very experienced SEO should be used. Also in the ongoing implementation, the quality of the clock from the field of Cheap SEO Services plays a prominent role. In other words, those who pay too much attention to low costs increase the risk of failure and the time to first success enormously. The bottom line is then possibly very expensive.

Finally, everything comes together

We summarize again: if we have done our homework and data is available, they can be used for a decision. If we can generate around € 60,000 contribution margin per annum with our paramecia, an investment of, for example, € 24,000 in the first year does not seem “too expensive”. For the question of how much the risk can be reduced and how much is left for the affordable SEO agency at the end – you are now prepared for it.